Where to Go in South Africa


February 25, 2014 by DAVE JACK

The biggest problem we face when we decide to Holiday at Home is where do we go? South Africa, quite frankly has it all. The world in one country. Some of the most spectacular mountains you can hope to see. Fantastic coastlines that are different depending on where you are. The Kwa Zulu Natal coastline differs between the north coast and the south coast. They in turn differ from the Zululand coast that attracts the diving fraternity. You move to the Cape and the West Coast is where you find tranquility and beauty. But let’s move away from the coast and to the mountains. Different in different parts of the country. If hiking is your thing then you should probably choose the Drakensberg in the central berg that is quite magnificent or you may be interested in the big five then it’s a different part of the country altogether. So what do we do? Where do we go when we want to Holiday at Home? I think that we have three basic options, purely and simply because we have a vast world in one country. I think there are three basic options (and there may be more I haven’t thought about) and the three are a destination of the type of holiday you want. Secondly a touring holiday that will take in some of the things you want or thirdly, a combination of the two. Tour and spend less time at your destination of choice. Accommodation is not expensive if you use guesthouses, and virtually every town in the country has those so to Holiday at Home gives you lots to see at reasonable prices. My choice is the touring holiday at home but that not appeal to us all. Only you know that. The choice is yours. Ask Dr Google for help on what to see


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  1. Kevin says:

    Thankks for sharing this

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