February 23, 2014 by DAVE JACK

You can be forgiven for asking why on earth anyone would want to talk about taking a holiday at home.  We all know that to have a really good holiday we need go overseas, even if that “overseas” is a beach holiday on one of the islands not that far from our coast.
We seldom ask ourselves what it is that the German, Dutch, British, Indian and tourists from dozens more countries can see in South Africa that we can’t see and that so many of us don’t even know exist. Speak to many South Africans and ask them if they have seen “the flowers” or Augrabies Falls or dozens more places and they will look at you blankly.Right now with the exchange rate there has been no better time than to holiday at home.

“But if I drive, petrol is so expensive”. I had an email this week from a major airline offering “specials” to London at under R9000 return.  You can buy a lot of petrol for that money and with the other R9000 you are not going to spend on the London flight for your partner will take care of your accommodation for at least 10 days for your holiday at home.

What I am hoping to do with this blog is to introduce you to South Africa and some of the places I have been able to visit in this country. I have just returned from a Harley Davidson trip that took a group of us from Jozi to Montagu on a long route. I have been telling people about some of the things we saw. The reaction from most is that they have never heard of most of the places I was talking about.

I would like to take you to some of these places and I hope you enjoy travelling around South Africa with me.





One thought on “HOLIDAY AT HOME

  1. Ron Thomaa says:

    I have to agree. South Africa is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The drive through Meiringspoort by car is spectacular but on a bike, absolutely breathtaking! I was fortunate to have done both recently.

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